Sunday, April 05, 2020

Why Propane?


Propane is powering over 4 million vehicles across the world.  Propane is the third most popular engine fuel after gasoline & diesel fuel.  Propane is clean, cost effective, safe and a reliable alternative fuel.  Propane burns cleaner and cooler, and in turn your engine runs cleaner, cooler and longer.

  • Most readily available alternative fuel with existing infrastructure
  • Dual system allows you to drive on propane or gasoline
  • Non invasive can be removed and re-installed
  • Propane is safe & non toxic, it does not contaminate the ground, air or water
  • Propane is a domestically produced, clean fuel.
  • LPG Is a green, clean burning fuel, drastically reducing harmful, emissions to our environment.
  • Stored as a liquid, high fuel energy to fuel ratio, high BTU/h and Octane level
  • LPG significantly reduces engine build-up and wear
  • Most customers recoup system costs after 40 Fills
  • No power loss or torque loss
  • Tests by the USEPA show that propane powered vehicles can produce 30 – 90% less toxins and smog-producing carbon monoxide and approximately 50% less toxins & other smog producing emissions than gasoline engines.
  • Propane tanks, built to superior standards, may be safer in an accident and less prone to leakage
  • Hybrid automobiles running on both propane and gasoline ensure peace of mind when driving on long trips, or in remote areas.
  • Engines using propane can last two to three times longer than a gasoline engine.

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